Conch Republic Seafood Company, Key West.

During my Florida Keys vacation, I ate dinner at the Conch Republic Seafood Company located at 631 Greene Street, Key West, Florida 33040. After a fun time watching the sunset celebration at Mallory Square, we walked about seven minutes to get to the restaurant. The inside was like a big open air warehouse that still had a Key West feel, with awesome live music, fish traps, buoys and a big salt water aquarium in the middle of everything. Our waiter was Casey and he was really nice. Before we ordered, we were given complimentary coconut pineapple bread with butter. It was the best bread that I've ever had! It was sweet and warm and amazing. We ordered a few appetizers. We had the conch fritters, $9.00, and callaloo artichoke dip with flat bread, $8.00. The fritters were OK, nothing special, but the key lime mustard that it came with was really fantastic. It was tangy and creamy. The artichoke dip was delicious and cheesy. The flat bread was just crackers. For my entree, I had the fresh catch fish sandwich, the fresh catch of the day was mahi mahi. The fried fish itself was good, but the bread was pretty bad. It tasted like a cheap hot dog bun. I ended up eating the fish without the bread. If they had made the sandwich with the coconut pineapple bread, it would be a 5 spork dinner. The grand total before tip for five people was $121.48. Because of my bad sandwich bread experience, I give the Conch Republic Seafood Company 3 1/2 sporks ups!!!

At Mallory Square with a painted cigar guy that kind of looked like my Grandpa. Hi Poppie!

Still at Mallory Square, my sister, Ellie, was picked from the audience to help out the amazing street performer Juggling Jase. Check out this cool slow motion video. (Sorry it does not show up on every device, I hope you can watch it.)

The best bread in the world!

My fish sandwich on what could be the worst bread in the world!

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