Benihana, Coral Springs.

I ate dinner at the Benihana located at 1695 N University Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33071. It was my dad's birthday. The inside had a lot of bamboo and Japanese characters. Our server was Becky and our chef was Kam. Becky was nice, but slow and Chef Kam was amazing. He did cool things with the food the the was preparing. He took onions and made them into a volcano! He took the shrimp tails and flipped them onto the top of his hat! I ordered the spicy hibachi chicken with chicken fried rice, $19.50. First we were served Japanese onion soup. I really liked the soup, it tasted a lot like French onion soup. Next came the shrimp. It was especially good dipped in their cream sauce. When Chef Kam gave me my chicken, I was astonished that he could put on such a show and cook so well too. The chicken had a weird spicy flavor. It wasn't buffalo, jerked, or pepper hot. It was another hot and I liked it. It was very tender and I enjoyed eating with my chopsticks. For dessert, I had the sherbet. It was very creamy and fruity. I hadn't had sherbet in a long time, and it was very good to have it again. I had a lot of fun and I would love to come back for my birthday! I give Benihana's 5 sporks up!!!

Me and my older brother, Aaron, and little sister, Ellie.

Japanese onion soup.

Awesome Chef Kam.

My spicy hibachi chicken.


My parents. Happy birthday Dad!

Benihana on Urbanspoon
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