Hott Leggz, Lighthouse Point.

I ate dinner at the Hott Leggz, located at 3128 N Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064. The inside had one dollar bills with writing on them all over the walls and a lot of colors. There was a dart board and I thought that was cool. My brother, sister and I played darts while we waited for our food. The service was mediocre, our waitress's name was Katie. I ordered the chicken sandwich in their hot Buffalo sauce with fries and ranch. The sandwich was OK, the Buffalo sauce had a nice zing. Normally, chicken sandwiches have more than just chicken. They tend to have cheese or lettuce or something. This one was only chicken on a bun. The French fries tasted like leftover McDonald's fries reheated in a microwave a couple days after you brought them home. It was kind of disappointing. I give Hott Leggz 3 sporks up!

My chicken sandwich.

Good Buffalo sauce!

Hott Leggz on Urbanspoon
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