Gimme A Burger, Deerfield Beach.

I ate dinner at Gimme A Burger, located at 1200 E Hillsboro Boulevard, Deerfield Beach, FL. The inside was really bright, and I mean that literally. The light bulbs had a yellow film over them, giving the whole restaurant this funky yellow glow. The service was nice and friendly, our cashier was Frank. I had the WOW Burger, $7.95, a burger made with spicy Turkish sausage. Mine had lettuce, cheddar and onions on top with fries on the side and a coke to drink, $3.00. The burger tasted like hot dog meat, but the onion ring sauce on the side and the fries were actually pretty good. They also say that their 'Big Single' burgers are big, but mine wasn't that big. Gimme A Burger is right down the road from Charm City Burger, and I would much rather go to Charm City. I give Gimme A Burger 3 1/2 sporks up!

Not so wow burger!

Bad lighting, see I'm yellow!

Gimme A Burger on Urbanspoon
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