The Office, Delray Beach.

I ate dinner at The Office located at 201 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL. The inside had a unique feeling, there were old Hollywood lights and books, cool cowhide chairs and mirrors. The table had place mats with funny quotes about not working, bosses and offices. The service was very friendly and fast, our waiter was named Oscar. Before we ordered, we met the manager, Marcel Buruiana, and the chef, Alex. They were very nice and informative about the menu and restaurant, we exchanged business cards. For an appetizer, we had the Grown Up Tater Tots, which were large fluffy tater tots with bacon and chives inside, served with sour cream and ketchup. They were like clouds in your mouth! The tots tasted like loaded baked potatoes. I loved them, they were the best tater tots I've ever had. For my meal, I had the Prime Boss Burger with fries. The burger patty was huge, tender and juicy. The office sauce was like tartar sauce with a kick and gave the burger extra zing. The bun had "The Office" name branded into it, like Burgerfi. The warm toasted bun tied all of these delicious elements together in the form of an amazing burger. Again, the best that I've ever had. To top it off, the fries were light and crunchy. For dessert, we had chocolate crust key lime pie, a red velvet cupcake and salted caramel bread pudding. I was amazed just by the looks of these desserts! The key lime pie was my favorite and actually better than mine! It wasn't quite as tangy, but made up for it in flavor! The chocolate crust was a nice touch too. The red velvet cupcake had cheesecake chunks inside and ice cream on top. This was my first time trying red velvet, it was very rich, sweet and fantastic. The bread pudding had a great salted caramel flavor and reminded me of my mom's monkey bread. I really enjoyed myself and had an awesome time, I would love to visit again someday. I give The Office 5 sporks up!

"Hey, Napoleon, you gonna eat those tots?"

Mmmmm, best burger ever!

Me and my prime boss burger.

My sister's mac and cheese, delicious.

My three delicious desserts!

Me and Chef Alex.

The Office on Urbanspoon
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