Friday, August 9

The Whale Raw Bar & Fish House, Parkland & My First TV Interview!

I ate dinner at The Whale Raw Bar & Fish House located at 7619 North State Road 7, Parkland, FL 33073. The inside looked like a fishing sports bar with lots of cool mounted fish, whale bones, license plates and fish traps hanging around. Sean was our waiter. He was friendly, but a little slow. I ordered the blackened Mahi-Mahi sandwich with whale fries, $12.95, and a water to drink. When my sandwich came out, it was on a small plate, unlike everyone elses, and it didn't have my whale fries. They arrived later. The fish was tender and flaky, the bun was soft and warm, and the blackening seasoning was spicy and flavorfull. The whale fries were nice and crunchy, I could tell that they were homemade. I think the whale fries should be called chips, but that's just me. I hope to come back sometime. I give The Whale 4 sporks up!

My Mahi-Mahi sandwich!

My whale fries!


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This was my first time at The Whale, it was also my second interview (and my first one on TV)! I was interviewed by news reporter Janine Stanwood and her cameraman Donnie from Local 10 WPLG! The interview started at my house, where they asked me a lot of questions about food and my blog. After that, we went to dinner at The Whale. Janine and Donnie were really friendly and I had a lot of fun. I give them and my first TV interview 5 sporks up! Watch it here!

Janine and me.

Me and Janine under the awesome killer whale.

Janine, me and Donnie.

Wyatt, the kid food critic, reporting from, back to you Janine!


Pich and Roor said...

That's awesome that you've gotten your first of what I'm sure will be many tv interviews out of the way! Congrats again & I really enjoy reading your reviews :)

Wyatt the kid food critic said...

Pich and Roor, thanks for the nice comment. I'm glad that you like my reviews!

Anonymous said...

Nice set up you have here. Enjoyed your reviews, and the story on WPLG. May I offer one word of advice after looking over your blog, though. Be careful feeding Choncho hot dogs - I have sadly known several dogs who have choked on them. They tend to slide down their throat and get stuck. Anyway, keep up the great work!

Wyatt the kid food critic said...


We don't feed Choncho hotdogs on purpose. He stole that one in the picture from my little sister. He ran around the house with it for a few minutes before we could catch him.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Wyatt!
Great review. I love what you are doing! I own The Whale Raw Bar and appreciate the great feedback! I also Own Oceans 234 in Deerfield Beach and would love to invite you in to review/try us out. I'd like your input on how i am doing there as well, My treat!

Email me

Thanks again!

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