IKEA Restaurant, Sunrise.

I ate lunch at the IKEA Restaurant located at 151 NW 136th Avenue, Sunrise, FL. IKEA is a really big furniture store that has a little restaurant on the 2nd floor. We didn't go to IKEA for the food. My mom likes to feed us before we shop because it's a long walk around the store. The inside had bright colors and was set up like a buffet or cafeteria with lots of seating. I had the Swedish meatballs & gravy with fries, $4.99, and a bottle of apple juice, $1.29, to drink. There were a lot of meatballs, about fifteen of them. They didn't really taste like anything and I think they were frozen. The fries were pretty oily and not too tasty. Even though the gravy was a little bland, it was the best part of my meal. My brother got the chicken tenders, $5.99, and I had a bite. It was nothing special and tasted frozen, like my meatballs. My sister got the apple cake, $2.49, for dessert. I tried it and I thought the apples were dry and it tasted like it was frozen too. After we ate, we shopped around the rest of IKEA for about two hours, at least I was full. I give the IKEA Restaurant 2 1/2 sporks up!

My Swedish meatballs. Meh...

Chicken tenders.

Apple cake (I thought it was more like a pie).

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