Friday, May 10

Hot Krust Panini Kitchen, Orlando.

While I was on vacation in Orlando, I ate lunch at the Hot Krust Panini Kitchen located at 8015 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32836. The inside was new and like a regular sandwich shop. Jana was our cashier. She was very nice and told us that all the meats are roasted fresh everyday. We sat at a table outside. I had the volcano steak panini without the tomatoes, $6.99, and a coke, $1.69. Unquestionably, it was the best sandwich that I ever had! It was warm, delicious and had a little kick to it. I wish there was a Hot Krust right next to my house! I give Hot Krust Panini Kitchen 5 sporks up!

Best sandwich I ever had!


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Anonymous said...

Dear Wyatt, we have received several very nice reviews. However, your is very special to us @hotkrust. We really appreciate very much you taking the time to do this. You are a very cool kid and we will promote this review on our social media and our website. You have a very bright future!
Thank you so much!
Hot Krust Panini Kitchen

Shawn & Michelle Stewart said...

Awesome post Wyatt! I am a fan of Hot Krust too - and my daughter loves their smoothies. Keep up the excellent work. You are going to be famous! Kudos to your folks for their support of your venture. All the best, Michelle

Kel said...

Very cool, Wyatt! Love your blog idea - keep up the good work.

Wyatt the kid food critic said...

Hot Krust,

I really love your restaurant and I can't wait to go back the next time I visit Orlando!

Wyatt -the kid food critic

Wyatt the kid food critic said...

Shawn & Michelle,

Thank you. I like the name of your blog. I almost named mine You Have to Eat Something.

Wyatt -the kid food critic

Wyatt the kid food critic said...


Thanks, I'll try and keep up the good work. You too!

Wyatt -the kid food critic

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