Peking Tokyo, Coral Springs.

On Friday, May 11, 2012, my 4th grade Mandarin language class went on a field trip for lunch to Peking Tokyo, located at: 2874 North University Drive, Coral Springs, FL, 33065. The bus ride was about 20 minutes. The restaurant was very nice and looked like, well, China. The service was very friendly, but kind of slow probably because there were 31 of us kids plus our three chaperones all at once. I had sweet & sour soup and chicken chow mein with fried rice. We had to place our orders in Mandarin. The chicken chow mein was delicious and I would say it was perfect! The fried rice was good. I ate the whole meal with my chop sticks. However, the soup wasn't my favorite. It had mushrooms in it (I hate mushrooms) and I just didn't really like the taste too much. I would like to go back there for dinner with my family sometime, I would get a different soup though. I give it 4 1/2 sporks up!

The restaurant front.

My sweet & sour soup.

My chicken chow mein, YUMMY!

Peking Tokyo on Urbanspoon
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