Tuesday, July 15

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Deerfield Beach.

I ate dinner at the Chipotle Mexican Grill located at 777 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442. Chipotle is a taco bar where you tell them the ingredients you like and they make you a burrito, taco, bowl or salad. The inside was brand new, nice and shiny. It kind of reminded me of Burgerfi. Everyone that worked there had a good attitude and a smile for me. I had a barbacoa burrito with the hot salsa, rice and lettuce, $7.20, chips & salsa, $1.95, and a Coke to drink, $1.80. It was a pretty big burrito and kind of hard to eat with my one good hand. It had a lot of flavor and just the right amount of spicy heat. My mouth was still watering after we left. Can't wait until the next time, I give Chipotle 5 sporks up!!!

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Saturday, June 28

Pasquale's Pizza Company, Coconut Creek.

I ate lunch at the Pasquale's Pizza Company located at 4690 North State Road 7, Coconut Creek, FL 33073. The inside had high ceilings, stacked stone walls and many TV's. It was pretty nice, especially for a pizza place. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza, $19.45, for my brother, sister and me. My parents got Caesar salads. This was the best pizza that I've ever had! It was fresh and hot from the oven. The crust was delicious, not too crispy or too soft, just right. I liked mine with garlic, red pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese on top. Pasquale's is now my new favorite restaurant for pizza and I would love to come back again. I give Pasquale's 5 sporks up!!!

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Monday, June 23

Snapper's, Key Largo.

While I was still on vacation in the Florida Keys, I ate dinner at Snapper's located at 139 Seaside Avenue, Key Largo, FL 33037, MM 94.5. We ate outside, the weather was beautiful and we had an amazing water view. Our waiter was super friendly, his name was Finger, that's right Finger! For an appetizer we got the conch fritters, $10.49. They were served with fritter sauce. They weren't as good as the Key Largo Conch House fritters, but they were OK. I ordered the original mahi fish sandwich, $11.99. The fish was juicy, tender and had a nice blackened flavor. For dessert, I had the key lime pie, $3.75. It was more sweet than tangy, but still delicious. I will definitely go back the next time that I'm in the Keys, I give Snapper's 5 sporks up!!!

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Wednesday, June 18

Key Largo Conch House, Key Largo.

When I was on vacation in the Florida Keys, I ate lunch at the Key Largo Conch House located at 100211 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037, MM 100.2. It is known for it's conch fritters. The place was pretty small, so we ate outside under the tent. Our server's name was Maria, she wasn't especially friendly or fast. We had three orders of conch fritters, $8.95 each. As you know, I love conch fritters, these were the best fritters that I had on my entire vacation. They were good sized, warm, soft and delicious dipped into the tangy fritter sauce. I really enjoyed myself and we always try to stop by the Key Largo Conch House when we visit The Keys. I give the Conch House 5 sporks up!!!

Conch fritters.

Me and my conch fritters.

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Thursday, June 5

Benihana, Coral Springs.

I ate dinner at the Benihana located at 1695 N University Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33071. It was my dad's birthday. The inside had a lot of bamboo and Japanese characters. Our server was Becky and our chef was Kam. Becky was nice, but slow and Chef Kam was amazing. He did cool things with the food the the was preparing. He took onions and made them into a volcano! He took the shrimp tails and flipped them onto the top of his hat! I ordered the spicy hibachi chicken with chicken fried rice, $19.50. First we were served Japanese onion soup. I really liked the soup, it tasted a lot like French onion soup. Next came the shrimp. It was especially good dipped in their cream sauce. When Chef Kam gave me my chicken, I was astonished that he could put on such a show and cook so well too. The chicken had a weird spicy flavor. It wasn't buffalo, jerked, or pepper hot. It was another hot and I liked it. It was very tender and I enjoyed eating with my chopsticks. For dessert, I had the sherbet. It was very creamy and fruity. I hadn't had sherbet in a long time, and it was very good to have it again. I had a lot of fun and I would love to come back for my birthday! I give Benihana's 5 sporks up!!!

Me and my older brother, Aaron, and little sister, Ellie.

Japanese onion soup.

Awesome Chef Kam.

My spicy hibachi chicken.


My parents. Happy birthday Dad!

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Sunday, May 25

My South Beach Food Tour Experience.

I went on the South Beach Food Tour with my mom. Our tour guide was friendly and very knowledgeable, her name was Marie. In between the restaurant stops, Marie told us about the local history of South Beach. We also learned about the different kinds of architectural styles from different time periods in the area. It was a very interesting and I learned a lot. Our first stop was a Colombian tavern called Bolivar, 661 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. The inside had a lot of wine bottles on the walls. The adults were served a drink that was a Colombian beer mixed with Colombian cream soda, I just got the soda. It was like a lot of other cream sodas I've had, but it was red. We were served Colombian ceviche, a corn empanata with potatoes and beef inside and ahi sauce on the side. I've never had ceviche before. It had a mustard citrus marinade with onions and popcorn, which was just popped on the inside. It was a nice change of pace compared to other fish that I've had before. The corn empanata was crunchy and the filling was very hearty.

Our next stop was Manolo, 685 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Manolo is an Argentinian cafeteria and everything is made from scratch. We all had churros. Okay, let's start with the outside, it was covered in cinnamon and sugar. The inside was amazing, it was filled with warm and sweet dolce de leche. It was the best churro that I've ever had and I would love to go back and have another one.

Our third stop was at a Cuban joint called Habano's, 1200 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. It used to be called Polo Norte. We had mariquitas, bacafrita sliders with chimichurry sauce and a ham croquette. The sliders were tender and had a little kick to it from the chimichurry sauce. I didn't really enjoy the croquette. It is what I imagine a dog treat tastes like.

Our next stop was The Tides, 1220 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139. It was a restored old bar with the original floors and turtle shells on the walls. It was very cool. The adults were served a mango margarita. I had a mango smoothie, but my mom says that they tasted about the same. It had a sweet tropical flavor. I got quite a few brain-freezes.

Our fifth stop was an Italian pizza place called Blocks Pizza Deli, 1447 Washington Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139. We had the sun dried hippie pocket. I was a big fan of the bread. The inside had sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, spinach and kalamata olives. It had a nice tang and cheesy flavor. I would get it again, definitely.

Our last stop was at an Italian gelato shop called Milani's Gelateria, 436 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139. It had a rotating wheel of gelato flavors! We were given two scoops of our choice. I had the pistachio and Oreo gelato. It was the best gelato I've ever had! It was creamy, sweet, nutty and salty. I would love to try Milani's again.

I left the tour full and satisfied. It was a very fun afternoon and I would love to take another one of their tours. As a Wyatt Tastes Good special event, I give the South Beach Food Tour 10 sporks up!!!

Sunday, May 18

Baja Cafe, Deerfield Beach.

I ate dinner at the Baja Cafe located at 1310 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441. The inside was decorated like a Mexican cantina, with sugar skulls, neon signs and colorful lights. It kind of reminded me of Tijuana Flats. The service was friendly, our waiter was Eddie. We were given chips and salsa when we sat down. They were pretty tasty. For my meal, I ordered the *Kick-Butt Burrito, which was a pulled chicken burrito covered in cheese and peppers with refried beans and rice on the side, $11.99, and a Jarritos fruit punch to drink, $2.49. The burrito was not what I expected. I expected a big rolled up taco. This was a masterpiece! It was awesomely displayed. It was also very delicious. The chicken had a kick to it and the tomatoes and peppers suited it perfectly. I give the Baja Cafe 5 sporks up!!!

*Not what it's called, what I'm allowed to say, remember I'm just twelve years old.

It was very dark in the Baja Cafe, sorry my pictures aren't the best.
My burrito.

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Wednesday, May 7

Hard Rock Cafe, Atlanta.

While I was in Atlanta auditioning for Jeopardy kids week, I ate diner at the Hard Rock Cafe located at 215 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. It was right across the street from the awesome hotel that we were staying in, the Westin Peachtree Plaza. The inside of the Hard Rock was very cool and had a lot of old rock n roll memorabilia, like guitars and clothes, on display. The service was nice, but took forever. Erin was our official waitress, but needed help from another waiter named Billy. It seemed like Erin was either new or just very slow. I had the smoked beef brisket sandwich with chili and fries, $13.99. The sandwich was very big and looked delicious. Too bad for me, the brisket had no flavor and was very bland. The chili was OK, but it was nothing special. The fries tasted like they were frozen and just came out of the freezer. I was pretty disappointed, I give the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta 3 sporks up!

My mediocre smoked beef brisket sandwich.

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