Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, Boca Raton.

I had a smoothie at the Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt located at 9975 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33434. The inside of Tutti Frutti looked like they tried to make it look modern, but failed. It was kind of run down. There was only one girl behind the counter, so the service was really slow. My strawberry banana smoothie was $4.99. I got to see how my smoothie was made. It was a bunch of apple juice, a scoop of frozen strawberries and a scoop of frozen bananas. My smoothie mostly tasted like apple juice. I could barely taste the strawberries and I couldn't taste the bananas at all. It was pretty disappointing! I do not want to go back to Tutti Frutti again. Here's some advice for you, save your money and buy your smoothie somewhere else. I give Tutti Frutti 1 spork up, my lowest spork rating ever!!!

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Bobby Rubino's Place For Ribs, Pompano Beach.

I had dinner at Bobby Rubino's Place For Ribs located at 2501 North Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida 33064. We went there for my dad's 40th birthday. Happy birthday Daddy! The restaurant looked like it was decorated in a western theme. There were lots of cowboy paintings and statues everywhere. Our waitress was Brook and she was nice. I had the kid's cheeseburger with a loaded baked potato on the side, $6.39, and a glass of milk to drink. My cheeseburger was really juicy and delicious. My loaded baked potato was really hot, but pretty good once I put the butter and sour cream on it. Overall my meal was superb! While we were eating dinner, my brother Aaron pointed out a guy sitting in the middle of the dinning room who had a flaming wallet! About twenty five minutes later that guy walked over to our table and showed us his trick wallet that actually had flames shooting out of it when you open it up! It turns out that it was his invention and that he is also a hypnotist. I thought that was cool so he decided to hypnotize me! My family thought it was very entertaining. The grand total for five people before tip was $77.23. I had a good time and an interesting experience, I give Bobby Rubino's 4 sporks up!!!

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Tavolino Della Nonna, Coral Springs.

I ate dinner at Tavolino Della Nonna located at 10181 West Sample Road, Coral Springs, Florida 33065. Tavolino Della Nonna means Grandmother's Table in Italian. We went there to watch my brother Aaron play his guitar. I think our waiter was named James. For an appetizer we had Nonna's meatball, $14.00, which was actually two good sized meatballs. It was a little too spicy for my taste, but overall it was delightful. For my entree, I had the kid's spaghetti in marinara sauce, $13.00. It was a lot of pasta and the marinara sauce tasted spectacular. I really liked that they had live music playing there, it made my dinner very special. The total for five people before tip was $146.28. I give Tavolino's 4 sporks up!!!

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Bonefish Mac's Sports Grille, Lighthouse Point. Again!

I had dinner at the Bonefish Mac's Sports Grille located at 2002 East Sample Road, Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064. I first came to Bonefish Mac's a few years ago with my friend Ava H. and I thought it was cool ever since. I really like rustic decorations inside and that they give kids goldfish while they wait. Our waitress was Amanda and she was friendly but she forgot a few things. She forgot that we wanted our waters with no lemons, she took them out with her hands RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! EWWW! So, I had five wings in mild sauce, $4.65, and I thought they were pretty good. The sauce on the wings was really tangy and just a little bit spicy. The grand total for five people before tip was $59.44. We haven't been here in a while so I'm glad we went back and it is our new favorite wing place. I give Bonefish Mac's 4 sporks up!!!

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Pei Wei Asian Diner, Boca Raton.

I ate dinner at the Pei Wei Asian Diner, located at 1914 NE 5th Avenue, Suite 1, Boca Raton, Florida 33432. The inside looks like a regular Asian restaurant. I had the kids lo mein with shrimp, $4.99, a spring roll, $1.99, and a strawberry lemonade, $1.99. My spring roll was crunchy on the outside and soggy and really hot on the inside. I don't think it had any flavor at all! My lo mein with shrimp tasted just tasted like plain noodles. The shrimp was a little crispy, but didn't have any flavor either. My meal was just OK. The grand total before tip for five people was $57.42. I'm not the biggest Chinese food fan and I do not want to go back there again, I give Pei Wei 2 1/2 sporks up!!!


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My Wynwood Art District Food Tour Experience.

I went on the Wynwood Art District Food Tour with my mom. This was our second food tour. Last year we went on the South Beach Food Tour. We met our tour guide, Richie, at the Wynwood Walls. He was nice and very knowledgeable about the art in the area. When the rest of our group arrived, we headed to our first restaurant, Mmmm, located at 2519 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127. We ate outside on the back terrace, which had plants and a good breeze. We had coconut curry gazpacho in a shot glass. It was different; I've never had cold soup. I didn't like the gazpacho. Next we had chicken tartines, which are open faced sandwiches made with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, cheese and baby spinach. I really enjoyed it, I ate four slices.

Our next stop was a Puerto Rican restaurant called Jimmy'z Kitchen, located at 2700 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127. We had chicken mofongo, a mush of green plantains and chicken in sauce. The chicken was my favorite part of the dish. it was in a tangy red sauce that was very delicious. The plantains were a bit bland and heavy.

Our third stop, and my favorite, was Pride and Joy BBQ, located at 2800 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127. We had redneck tacos, which is pulled beef and coleslaw on piece of bread. I put BBQ mustard sauce on my "taco" and it was awesome. It was sweet, tangy and savory.

Our next stop was SuViche, located at 2751 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127. We had ceviche, which is fish marinated in citrus juice (in this case, lemon). It was a bowl of sea bass, corn and onions in lemon juice that they called tiger's milk. It was sour and fresh. I really enjoyed this dish.

Our last stop was at Fireman Derek's Bakeshop and Cafe, located at 2818 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida 33137. We had their key lime pie. It was OK, not the best key lime pie I ever had. It was creamy and more sweet than tangy. Sorry, but not quite as good as my pie, but any key lime pie beats no key lime pie!

This cool huge mural was definitely my favorite art piece in Wynwood!

In between visiting restaurants we admired the street art and learned a little about the artists. The other people in our tour group were very friendly and we had a good time talking about art and food with them. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon and I would love to do another tour sometime. I give my Wynwood Art District Food Tour experience 4 sporks up!!!

This will be my last review, my big finale. I am handing over my blog to my little sister, nine year old Ellie. I'm thirteen now and I'm not the "kid" food critic anymore. The past three years of food blogging were awesome. I loved trying new food, going to new restaurants and meeting the people behind the scenes. I'll still be here, usually sitting right next to Ellie when we go out to eat. Goodbye, everybody!


Conch Republic Seafood Company, Key West.

During my Florida Keys vacation, I ate dinner at the Conch Republic Seafood Company located at 631 Greene Street, Key West, Florida 33040. After a fun time watching the sunset celebration at Mallory Square, we walked about seven minutes to get to the restaurant. The inside was like a big open air warehouse that still had a Key West feel, with awesome live music, fish traps, buoys and a big salt water aquarium in the middle of everything. Our waiter was Casey and he was really nice. Before we ordered, we were given complimentary coconut pineapple bread with butter. It was the best bread that I've ever had! It was sweet and warm and amazing. We ordered a few appetizers. We had the conch fritters, $9.00, and callaloo artichoke dip with flat bread, $8.00. The fritters were OK, nothing special, but the key lime mustard that it came with was really fantastic. It was tangy and creamy. The artichoke dip was delicious and cheesy. The flat bread was just crackers. For my entree, I had the fresh catch fish sandwich, the fresh catch of the day was mahi mahi. The fried fish itself was good, but the bread was pretty bad. It tasted like a cheap hot dog bun. I ended up eating the fish without the bread. If they had made the sandwich with the coconut pineapple bread, it would be a 5 spork dinner. The grand total before tip for five people was $121.48. Because of my bad sandwich bread experience, I give the Conch Republic Seafood Company 3 1/2 sporks ups!!!

At Mallory Square with a painted cigar guy that kind of looked like my Grandpa. Hi Poppie!

Still at Mallory Square, my sister, Ellie, was picked from the audience to help out the amazing street performer Juggling Jase. Check out this cool slow motion video. (Sorry it does not show up on every device, I hope you can watch it.)

The best bread in the world!

My fish sandwich on what could be the worst bread in the world!

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